Ganapaty Yoga (e-Book + CD) always available

Ganapaty Yoga (e-Book + CD) always available

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Yoga and Human Values for Kids

Dr. Elizabeth Lince

(e-book + CD)


Numerous good books have been written on yoga for children and the aim of this one is not to contribute with more information. What makes this book different is that, besides including the elements necessary for yoga practice, it also seeks to promote human values and awaken consciousness in children. Through fables, phrases, chants and activities, children think, feel and experience the meaning of these values as they put them into practice in different circumstances of their daily living. The source of human values is not external; quite the opposite, values exist as seeds in the heart of all children and have nothing to do with concepts such as religion, race, nationality or any other difference that, far from binding us as human 

beings, generate division and separation. This book is intended to serve as an instrument for those who wish to spread a sense of oneness and water those seeds in our children’s hearts so that, through constant practice, they will grow and become strong beautiful trees with flowers and fruits to offer to those around.

With the desire that hearts will open and receive this,

Dr. Elizabeth Lince Avendaño

Yoga Teacher