AYURVEDIC PROGRAM by appointment, contact us.

AYURVEDIC PROGRAM by appointment, contact us.

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*We are at your service offering you Ayurvedic consultation  through Skype and guide you to create a healthy daily routine.

*We also offer Panchakarma.

 *And we offer a complete Ayurvedic  program, that will help you to create an appropriate mechanism of absorption, digestion and elimination in the body, fortifying and rejuvenating the organs, besides will help balance the hormones and something very important; we guide you to create a healthy life style,that will make you independent,leading you to create your health physically, mentally and spiritually.

The program consists of 3 consultations which you can do by skype or in person, whatever is convenient for you. In the 1st. We talk about your problems and your solutions and we give you your diet protocol to follow and the exercises of marmayoga in a class and in video that must be practiced during the program. The 2nd consultation will be at 13 days, we will follow up and we will help you with the right food options and how to prepare them, what foods are not recommended to consume and how to apply this in your day to day; To create a base where you can build and keep your health. The 3rd consultation it is after 45 days and we will make a general review.