Well you are ready to start your Ayurvedic protocol!  we offer this information that helps you better understand  the process, so you can focus consciously to get the best results, through your discipline and motivation. You will also find at the bottom of this page, the videos of each Marmayog exercise that complements the program and by daily practice you will experience positive changes, both spiritual and physical as it is a very powerful practice that leads you to feel these benefits.

What are the benefits of this program?

It is up to the individual but what we can say is that this program is chalked out to give each patient or client a sense of independence where you do your own treatment. We guide you in creating a foundation with food and meal timing, food choices, exercises and specific Ayurvedic herbs on which you build a foundation towards good health. This is an yogic protocol so you create a system where you gain voluntary control over your body [which is subject to how intense your practices and approach is]. For some, it is just a therapeutic practice, for others, this protocol will prove itself both physcially and spiritually as the process moves on. This practice creates a personal shift in the way to your approach to life as its radical and demanding. Hence it is only for those who are looking for independence and not for compromising shortcuts or want to ease their way to health or are unable to make radical shifts


Are there side effects? 

Every effect has an side effect. It again depends upon what you term as side effect. Yes you may experience headaches, cravings, emotional shifts sleep pattern changes but this happens as you radically shift your hormones. With time they disappear. The entire concept here is to look for long term changes and accept the short term discomfort one may go through. Since this practice does not involve much herbs apart from spices radical changes may be few unless herbs are employed

Is there flexibility in the program? 

This is a yogic protocol. So, ideally once you start the process, there must be commitment. Yes after 15 days there is certain flexibility while traveling to work but few things like timings or restricted foods should not be compromised. You cannot start and stop the process once it has begun. This is why it is highly encouraged to begin this Ayurvedic protocol when one is focused and determined as this is a fast paced protocol.


Can I use allophatic medicine if I need it? 

Yes but consult or ask us first.


Should I stop drinking alcohol and smoke cigarettes? 

Alcohol is allowed after some time but must bring up to mutual discussion as this protocol is based on making responsible choices and making you aware of what you need to do rather than be dependent on us. Caffeine is strictly prohibited. However with time, it will be up to you what you decide to consume. We can only start the process and make you aware and support you until you understand the dynamic. Once done, it is up to you on your own introspection of where you want to go

During the the 45-day program, what happen if I miss one day? 

Initially first 12-13 days its strict. rest if its required you can but within our limits. If you just go off one day you may loose your control. Understand this process you control your secretions of the body and any untoward stimulus may change the chemistry of the body.


What you mean for giving up all rest?

Means you may have to condition your mind to just focus on the program as the program does not have alternate choices , You have to abidewith whats given whether you lie its taste or not. That mental conditioning is a must

So the question of targets still remains. For instance, what health status do you expect after say, 15 days, 30 days, 45 days, 2 months, etc? 


In medical terms nothing can be expected but what we can see is shift in hormones and how they aft. 45 days is a very short time yet on physical basis we can see changes in terms of pain etc on which foundations we can built. In 45 days if nothing much is achieved than maybe it may not work but we need to give 45-90 days to see if any foundation is laid on which you can build and continue your health


How will we monitor if the treatment is working? Or whether we should stop/ change the treatment? If it works, for how long will it work? Do I need to be on a specific diet indefinitely?

Monitoring is done through changes in symptoms. In case there are no medical reports like sugar etc to monitor but a hormonal shift if you aware will be apparent to you. We do not stop change treatment. In 45-90 days if shifts are seen it will help if not   we cannot help more. You need to follow a diet protocol and avoid things which we tell you follow food timings. Our job is to start healing process and make you aware of the process. Once done our job is over. Its up-to you how you introspect understand and implement. If in near future if all goes well and you can reintroduce things or take liberties so be it but one needs to be clever and create a foundations where hormones do not go haywire. So to answer in brief we can only show you a window which helps you build your system on independent terms and then its up-to you.

Only commit if these lines of understanding agree with you. The program goes in 3 consult where in first consult we discuss your issue and solutions to you. After 13 days we take a follow up and after 45 days we do overview. In this we will share the diet protocols and MY videos of breath practise and asana and also help you with food choices and preparations and its application in your day to day life to create a foundation. The cost for this entire protocol is $600.

1. Mulband


2. Udiyana Bandha



3. Jalandara Bandha



4. Siddhasana



5. Lung Expansion


6. Abdomen Expansion



7. Fast Anulom Vilom



8. Kapalbhati Pranayama



9. Anulom Vilom 3 Bandhas