What does formulated by NLAM mean?

NLAM is an online educational repository for Ayurveda run by Dr. Sumit Kesarkar BAMS Ph.d. The products labelled with the NLAM logo indicate that the formulation is created by Dr. Sumit and manufactured by us in the United States. 

How is the quality standard of NLAM products maintained?

Each year samples of these products are sent to India to get feedback. If passed, we continue with the products. The samples are sent as individual raw material herbs as well as finished products.

What is Heal With Ayurveda?

Heal With Ayurveda is an extension of Dr. Elizabeth Lince, her services and expertise and the product of years of study and knowledge acquisition of Ayurveda. Dr. Elizabeth Lince has studied with NLAM and is doing a continuing study of Ayurveda by the oversee of Dr. Sumit and this website is a form of extending their collaborative efforts to the public.

Who is Dr. Sumit Kesarkar?

Go to www.drsumit.in for more information

Is all NLAM raw material sourced from India?

We try to whenever possible to source dry herbs from trusted vendors. Importing solely from India would increases the costs of our products. Whenever our product formulation has a high price, we make an effort to tell the customer why that is. 

Does NLAM have a commercial location?

No, the product line is sold solely online and at the discretion of Heal With Ayurveda and a percentage of its proceeds are given to NLAM to run their free educational activities.