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Terapia en Ayurveda

Terapia en Ayurveda

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Especias de Ayurveda

Especias de Ayurveda

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Terapia Presencial

Terapia Presencial

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Creamos este espacio para que tu encuentres tu camino de salud y felicidad,
ya que una vez obtenidos podrás tomar desiciones
en tu vida diaria acertadas y aprenderás a amarte tal y como eres.

Lo logramos a través de una serie de terapias de Ayurveda
donde te guió paso a paso al estilo de vida Ayurveda (Dinacharya)
en conjunto con educación, nutrición, meditación y yoga junto con
otras herramientas que encontrarás dentro de ti,
las cuales lograrán tu bienestar.

Dr. Elizabeth Lince

Especias en Ayurveda

Actualmente distribuimos Especias Tradicionales de Ayurveda para promover la salud con muy buenos resultados, las cuales tienen un control de calidad, basados en las pautas de Ayurveda; están certificados por NLAM. Puedes encontrarlas aquí.

¡Estamos a tu servicio para ayudarte!

Conoce más de mi

I studied Odontology, and later I completed a Master’s degree in Periodontics at the UANL in Monterrey, Mexico. In 1992 I traveled to India to visit my spiritual master, Sathya Sai Baba, and there I was trained  in the program of Education in Human Values for Children (EDUCARE), also, I started learning a method of Ayurvedic massage for babies, and Hata yoga.

I Travel again to India in 1994 with the same goals.

In 1996 , I studied different massage techniques such as Classic Therapeutic Massage and Shiatzu, Traditional Maya Massage, Aromatherapy, Traditional Mexican Medicine, Bach Flower Therapy at the Alternative Therapy School in Mexico (EMTA) with recognition from the College of Naturopathie Renovee Andre Lafon, in France, which I have practiced since 1998, in addition to the Periodontics which I have been practicing since 1991.

Later life took me to the United States of America, where I did a certification As Kundalini Yoga Teacher by KRI In 2003 and since then I teach this practice. Then perform the process of becoming a Reiki Master.

After some time, I decided to study with Dr. Robert Svoboda, continuing with my training in Ayurveda on the techniques of Panchakarma , Pulse reading, Marma chikitsa, with Dr. Vasant Lad.

In October of 2014 I went back to India for 3 months, to participate in the program of Gurukula in Ayurveda under the wisdom and the instruction of Dr. Vasant Lad.

Subsequently being in Pune, India; In December of the same year, I had the opportunity to take training in the Jeevana clinic, Kerala Ayurvedic Center, in practical techniques of Panchakarma with Dr. Preetha P. Nair, which I greatly appreciate.

I was also at the Osho’s Meditation Resort in Pune, India, learning and experiencing his active meditations.

I feel immense satisfaction and joy, sharing my knowledge with all those people who are ready and open to receive what I have to give, that is why I give workshops of motivation and self-knowledge, in addition to workshops of Femininity and sacred  conscious sexuality for women, with which I really enjoy working and learning enormously from each one of them. Which motivates me to continue inquiring, traveling and getting to know myself. I also Impart healthy and Ayurvedic cooking workshops,  Ayurvedic Massage for babies and children, Ayurvedic self-massage workshop, Reiki, Dinacharya (how to introduce a healthy daily routine into our lives), Ayurvedic and Yoga retreats, and hands-on workshops. Yoga and meditation in order for people to have greater knowledge and motivation, to become aware of the importance of how to take charge of their own life and their physical, mental and emotional health, so that they can build a conscious, healthy life , Cheerful and full of meaning.

I am the author of Ganesha Yoga, Yoga and Human Values for Children, published by Yug in Mexico City in 2016 and I give the training to put this program into practice. It was also performed the translation into English with the name of Ganapati Yoga , Yoga and human values for kids, which you can buy in ebook format on this page.

I am currently studying Ayurveda clinic and Marmayoga  from January 2014 until now, in The National Librery of Ayurveda in India (NLAM) under the guidance of Dr. Sumit Kesarkar in the Gurushishya tradition (one-to-one teaching). We apply an Ayurvedic treatment, accompanied by specific exercises of marmayoga, a program that Dr. Kesarkar has developed through years of practice and clinical experience with excellent results. Dr. Kesarkar is the author of the book ” Handbook of medicinal kitchen”, which I translated into Spanish under the name of “” Manual de Cocina Medicinal.”  that is in ebook format and you can buy it on this page.

¡Namaste! Dr.Elizabeth Lince